32 Points Consulting

Navigating Successful Farm and Food System Enterprises: Charting a Course for Success


Services Overview

Successful businesses and projects spend large chunks of time planning and evaluating their goals, inputs, outcomes, and allocating resources.  It is time well spent.  A good plan is like a detailed map- it helps to navigate you to your goal and saves you time and money by preventing unprofitable detours and side trips. But, it can be difficult to be objective when examining your own business, and a down right daunting task if you’re new to business planning or just starting a new enterprise.


Start preparing for your own business success.  Business readiness services provided include:

  • Business Readiness Work
  • Business Plans
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Individual or Group Consultations Available
  • External Grant and Project Evaluation

Evaluation Services

Evaluation should not be conducted simply to prove that a project worked, but also to improve the way it works.  Effective evaluation is not an “event” that occurs at the end of a project.  It provides ongoing, systematic information during the life-cycle of the project and whenever possible, outcome data to assess the extent of change.   We believe that project evaluation and project management are inextricably linked.

We provide a wide range of grant evaluation services tailored to your specific grant evaluation requirements.  We are prepared to employee a wide range of techniques and approaches to address your important project questions including:

  • Understanding the purpose of program evaluation
  • Focusing the evaluation
  • Designing effective evaluation plans
  • Establishing evaluation methods and tools
  • Applying the logic model to program components
  • Creating data collection models
  • Developing surveys to measure program performance
  • Analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data
  • Using evaluation results for program improvement

Our guiding principles are Experience, Innovation, and Excellence; we expect it from ourselves, we provide it to our clients. For more information about our services or to discuss your project, please contact:

Ginger Myers, ginger@evermorefarm.com, 443-398-6548